Rice and Fish are the main staple of the typical Cambodian diet though many dishes are prepared with beef, pork or chicken. Sea food is abundant in coastal areas with shrimps and crab among the favorites. Local specialties include Amok (fish-cooked in coconut milk) and a variety of soups, and curries similar in taste though not in spiciness to Thailand. Phnom Penh is truly cosmopolitan with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Nepalese, Indian, Turkish, Mexican, French, Western and other restaurants dotted around the capital.
As seen on the picture, Kho Sach Ko Kreoung is preferably served with rice.
Most Cambodian people prefer this sweet and sour soup cook with fish and sometimes shrimps or even beef.
Amok is a Cambodian curry which is steamed instead of boiled and is solid, but moist.
“Kho” is cooked specially for special occasions by Cambodian people.
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