Sports in Cambodia
Sports in Cambodia
You would never fall short of entertainment, Sports and Recreation in Cambodia . Swimming is one of the most favorite activities of the people of Cambodia. With lovely beaches all around you can indulge into a number of water Sports and Recreation in Cambodia.
The Koki Beach on the Mekong River is the most popular destination for beach activities during the week ends. The beach has white silvery sands and pristine blue water with an array of food stalls. The Kep Beach in Kampot province is the largest beach of Cambodia, and is the most popular place for family picnic.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in this part of the world. The rice fields after harvesting is used to play the game by the villagers. Soccer is often played in schools, colleges, and universities.

Phnom Penh's Olympic Stadium is the largest sports centre of this district. Volleyball, basketball, and tai-kwon-do games are often hosted at the stadium. National Sports Centre of Cambodia is famous for hosting swimming, boxing, and volleyball competitions.

The Cambodian children are involved into a number of sporting activities. Heoung, which is a game similar to baseball, is mostly played by boys. Two of the most popular Sports and Recreation in Cambodia played by girls are tress and baycon.

There is a number of Sports and Recreation in Cambodia offering a selection of leisure activities to every tourist. The most popular ones include jet-skiing, go-carting, tenpin bowling, and mini golf. Sihanoukville is one of the finest beaches of Cambodia and offers the most favorable conditions for snorkeling.

Diving is also widely practiced as one of the most popular Sports and Recreation in Cambodia. There are great beaches that serve as the best diving spots of the world.
Few other Sports and Recreation in Cambodia are Dirt-biking, Elephant Trekking, Go-Karting, Golfing, and a number of adventurous water sports.

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